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Privacy Policy

In the belief that the protection of the personal information of its customers is an important social responsibility, AJIOKA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "The Company") takes all possible steps to protect personal information by complying with laws and ordinances pertaining to the protection of personal information and establishing the "AJIOKA Policy for the Protection of Personal Information" set out below.

Scope of Handling Personal Information

The Company may collect the personal information of customers when customers use facilities such as it's stores, sales liaison, website and members club, contacting the company, subscribe to The Company's mail magazine, respond to questionnaires or apply for various promotions on offer.
The term "personal information" refers to items of information that can identify individuals including customers' names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and age. The Company implements appropriate management of such personal information in accordance with its Policy for the Protection of Personal Information.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Company may use personal information and information pertaining to orders (including information regarding customers' purchasing history) collected from its customers for the purposes listed below. The Company shall not use personal information collected from its customers for any purposes other than those listed below.

  1. (1) To process product orders from the Company, check the content of orders and process changes
  2. (2) To deliver products ordered by customers and provide services after the purchase of such products
  3. (3) To introduce products, services, events, campaigns and other relevant information to customers by means such as direct mail and e-mail
  4. (4) To provide services to customers and inform customers of information necessary for services, systems and other matters
  5. (5) To respond to enquiries from customers
  6. (6) To provide customers with information on matters such as opinions on and impressions of The Company's services
  7. (7) To use personal information for purposes to which customers have consented after contacting customers individually
  8. (8) To compile statistical materials that do not identify individuals classified by customer attributes (e.g. Age, addresses) for marketing purposes
  9. (9) To send information and provide and show services matched to customer preferences
Regarding Safe Management of Personal Information

To ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, The Company takes all necessary and appropriate safety measures to manage access to and restrict means of removal of personal information in order to prevent illegal access, leakage, destruction or falsification of such information. In the unlikely event that leakage or other accidents relating to personal information occur, The Company will promptly take appropriate measures including steps to prevent recurrence of such accidents.

Outsourcing of Handling of Personal Information

The Company may outsource work within a scope necessary to achieve clearly stated purposes. In such cases, personal information disclosed by The Company shall be limited to the scope required and appropriate management and monitoring of entities to which such work is outsourced and implemented by means such as contracts. Entities to which such work may be outsourced include the following.

  • ・Agencies for settlement of payment by credit card
  • ・Product delivery companies
  • ・Entities such as printing and delivery companies used for the dispatch of direct mail
  • ・Collection agencies for the collection of overdue payment for products
  • ・Business partners relating to the operation of The Company's website
Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

With the exception of disclosure mandated by law or to the entities listed above, The Company shall not provide personal information, especially personal data stipulated by laws relating to the protection of personal information (i.e. Personal information on searchable databases, etc.), to individuals or other third parties, or make such information public without the permission of the customer concerned. However, the foregoing shall not apply in the following cases.

  • (1) Cases in which the customer concerned gives his/her permission for such disclosure
  • (2) Cases in which disclosure of such information is mandated by law
About cookies

Cookies are one kind of data, including customer-related information, that is stored on customers' hard drives.
In using cookies on The Company's online shopping website (hereinafter referred to as "The Company's website"), The Company shall not link such cookies to personal information that identify customers. In addition, The Company shall not use cookies for the purpose of collecting unnecessary information. Customers may use The Company's website even if they refuse to allow the use of cookies.
However, cookies are used on pages giving details of products and shopping carts on The Company's website and customers are asked to bear in mind that shopping carts may not be used if they have refused permission for the use of cookies. To use the shopping cart, customers are recommended to enable the cookie setting in the browser.
Cookies shall not be used on The Company's website except for purposes such as shopping carts or display of customers' own purchasing history. However, The Company's website includes pages where cookies are used make the site more convenient to use by collecting access logs that may help to improve site usability and relieving customers of the trouble of inputting personal information when visiting the site again.

Other Privacy Concerns on the Internet
  • (1) If customers' voluntarily divulge their personal information, for example, on bulletin boards or review sites on the Internet where information can be accessed by anyone, customers are advised that such information may be collected and used by other users. Customers divulging their e-mail address may receive undesirable messages based on the information they have posted. Customers should be aware that dissemination of information is entirely at their own responsibility.
  • (2) Sites and services of third parties that can be accessed on The Company's website or companies or other entities collecting personal information through activities such as prize competitions or sales promotion are independent of The Company, each having their own rules relating to privacy and data collection. The Company bears no obligations or responsibility pertaining to the rules and activities of such independent third parties.
Changes in the Handling of Personal Information and Notification of such Changes

To properly protect personal information, or, for example, to comply with new laws implemented or revisions to existing laws, The Company may change its Policy for the Protection of Personal Information without notice.
Such changes shall be posted on The Company's website. Users are asked to check the latest information on the website. Customers with requests or questions regarding matters such as the handling of personal information and proprietary personal data should contact The Company as detailed below.

Administrator of Personal Information Disclosure, Amendment and Deletion

Customers wishing to be notified of the purpose of use of personal data held by The Company, or to request the disclosure, amendment, deletion or stoppage of use of such data, or have additions made to such data should contact The Company at the e-mail or postal address below. After verifying that the request has been sent by the customer concerned him/herself, The Company shall take action promptly within reason.

  1. 1. In the event that any of the circumstances below apply to The Company, The Company shall be entitled to discontinue or cancel the provision of all or some of its services unconditionally without giving prior notice to, or obtaining the consent of its members.
    1. (1) The occurrence of system problems due to breakdown of computer or communication devices used to provide services or periodic or emergency maintenance of the computer system
    2. (2) The occurrence of fire or power outages that render the provision of services impossible
    3. (3) Difficulty in system operations due to problems such as system defects, illegal access by third parties or infection by computer viruses
    4. (4) Other circumstances deemed applicable by The Company
  2. 2. With the exception or reasons attributable to The Company, The Company shall accept no liability for damages incurred by its members due to the suspension or cancellation of services due to the circumstances listed above, or damages incurred by all customers due the use of, or inability to use the services provided by The Company.
    The amount of compensation in the event that The Company accepts liability for such damages shall not exceed the cost of online shopping services or products purchased at directly-managed stores in the [last six months].
    (However, the foregoing shall not apply if such damages are the result of deliberate actions or gross negligence on the part of The Company.)
  3. 3. In the event that The Company is obliged to give notice to its members, such notice shall be given based on information already registered by members (e.g. e-mail address, address), said notification to signify the fulfillment of The Company's obligation to give notice.
  4. 4. Products delivered by The Company to its members shall be sent to the destination stipulated by members, at which point the Company's dispatch and delivery obligations shall have been fulfilled.
  5. 5. In the event that other members or third parties incur damages due to the use by a member of this or other services provided by The Company, the member concerned shall be responsible for resolving the situation at his/her own responsibility and expense and shall not expose The Company to any inconvenience whatsoever.
  6. 6. When The Company confirms the identity of a member, it shall do so using the e-mail address and password input when the member concerned registered, and/or other methods specified by The Company.
    As long as there is no bad faith or negligence on the part of The Company when verifying the identity of a member, the service used based on verification of the member concerned shall be effective for said member and The Company shall be exempt from responsibility.
  7. 7. Costs including expenses entailed in setting up computer and communication devices required for use of the service by members, telephone charges generated by use of the service and the costs of LAN usage and applications shall be born by members themselves.
Regarding Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These rules shall be based on the laws of Japan and all disputes arising in relation to the services shall be referred to the Tokyo District Court as the exclusive court of jurisdiction of the first instance.

AJIOKA Co., Ltd.
Person responsible for the management of personal information: Masayuki Obara
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E-mail address for enquiries

Contact for enquiries regarding the Policy for Protection of Personal Information

AJIOKA Co., Ltd.
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